Woman of the Month – February

Our very first woman of the month is Angela Gordon!

Check out the awesome snippet of an interview below, as featured in Mint Magazine, to learn more about Angela Gordon! 💁🏻‍♀️

Angela Gordon is an Investment Advisor with Odlum Brown Limited
Angela Gordon

🌎 Prior to joining Odlum Brown, Angela spent many years working across North America and Europe as a strategic consultant. Her work was focused on customer service, and that broad experience helps guide her career at Odlum Brown. “I have learned throughout my career that you don’t lead with numbers, you lead with people,” says Angela. “It’s the people that matter, and I work to build authentic connections with every client I serve.”

☝🏻Her people-first mentality drives Angela as she works to build secure financial futures for her clients. She prides herself on being a strategic thinker and a strong communicator – thinking about the big picture and breaking it down for easy understanding. She is also very committed to helping women create financial security. “Even today, women are underserved by financial services, and I am here to change that,” says Angela. “Odlum Brown, and its independent focus, helps me do that every day.”

🤝Angela doesn’t just provide transparent, relevant advice – she’s also approachable and fun. “I like to laugh and have fun. Investing doesn’t have to be dry,” she says. “I build warm, friendly and sociable relationships with everyone I work with.”