June 2018 Luncheon with Featured Speaker Faith Wood – Magic of the Mind

June 13, 2018 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
The Prestige Hotel
4411 32 St
Vernon, BC V1T 9G8
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$18.00 CAD Member
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$22.00 CAD Non-Member
Past Event
$0.00 CAD Punch Card Holder
Lacy Donald

It has been said that we use only 1/100th of our brain at any given time.  Well what the heck are we doing the rest of the time?   From sports to promotions; from business building to promotion seeking…the biggest block to our success is often found in the space between our ears.  What if you could light up intentional focus as quickly as you turn on a light switch?  What if you could amp up the power of your own thoughts, igniting powerful outcomes and propelling yourself swiftly in the direction of your (often unspoken) dreams?  You can and you already possess all the resources you will ever need to do just that.  Master Hypnotist and gifted speaker, Faith Wood, will give you a glimpse of what it takes to harness the magic stored in the human mind.

Communication and conflict consultant, language and persuasion maven, award winning novelist and expert storyteller only begin to tell the story of Faith Wood.

Going a little deeper, you find a former Peace Officer who mastered the power of persuasion first hand in the field, a teacher of practical communication and influence strategies for captivated audiences in government, associations and organizations in over 7 countries.

She holds the acclaimed CPS or certified professional speaker designation which says everything about her dedication to the art and craft of audience capture but says little of how entertaining Faith is as she practices her art and her craft. The vitally important underlying thread of ‘building community around you’ is woven throughout her engaging keynotes and workshop trainings.

When you look at Faith’s credentials, time spent in the trenches combined with dedication to mastering new things, the places she’s gone and the things that she’s done, you might think “Wow! This woman is pretty impressive”. But that is nothing compared to actually meeting her in person, feeling her presence and being influenced by the pervasive message of ‘how to be your best self every day’ that is threaded through every interaction, every talk, every keynote presentation.

Faith has a gift for connecting with each person in her audience, leaving them thinking that she is talking to them and them alone. She makes each person feel as though they are the most important one; and she has them believing that they, personally, can move the mountains necessary to step forward, step up and make a significant difference in their own lives and the lives of others.